Friday, July 2, 2010

Sending you away for the holiday

At its best, the publishing industry moves at the speed of a slug on Valium crawling through a puddle of maple syrup.

In mid-summer – particularly around holiday weekends – it gets considerably slower, with many people taking well-deserved vacations and fleeing their offices early to enjoy warmer weather.

That sounds good to me.

In the spirit of fully integrating myself into the publishing biz, I’m not going to write anything witty on the blog today (unless you count the slug thing, in which case that's a bonus).

Instead, I will send you away to go read an interview I just did with Mireyah Wolfe over on her blog.

Check it out here.

Have a fabulous Independence Day weekend for everyone here in the USA. For those of you living elsewhere, feel free to use our country’s holiday as an excuse to eat too many hot dogs and set things on fire.

I know I will.