Friday, July 15, 2011

When is a release date not a release date?

You know what I love best about you guys?

I mean besides your sultry, sexy voices and firm but gentle hands (er, go to the Debutante Ball today if you want to see me explore that subject in more depth).

No, what I really love is that you keep me from being completely ignorant about my own book.

As I shared yesterday, I had no idea the September issue of Writer's Digest magazine contained such a lovely piece listing Making Waves as one of 10 "notable debuts" until a bunch of you emailed to tell me so.

When I opened my inbox last night to a flood of messages from friends and strangers alike, I felt another flutter of excitement. Were you writing to tell me I'd been nominated for president? Was there a warrant out for my arrest? Or maybe a sale at Pure Romance?

It wasn't any of those things, though it was almost as exciting as discounted sex toys. Apparently, Making Waves is being released a couple weeks early. Here's the text of one of the emails someone forwarded me from Amazon:

That was news to me, so I did a little sleuthing. Friends who pre-ordered the Kindle version of the book from Amazon didn't get that message, so it's apparently just the paperback. And I haven't heard from anyone who ordered from Barnes & Noble or Borders or Powells, so I'm not sure if those will ship early as well, or if it's just an Amazon thing.

I have no idea if it's some sort of shipping screw-up or a deliberate, strategic move from my publisher. I'm waiting to hear from my editor on that one.

When I shared the news with a close friend last night, I could tell he was worried I'd be upset. After all, the August 2 date has been marked on my calendar in lipstick since December, and burned into my brain even before that.

But honestly, I've never expected this grand, sweeping, drum-roll moment where the book is released in some elaborate ceremony and the angels sing from on high.

OK, I might've imagined that, but I didn't expect it.

I always assumed it would be more of a slow trickle. A few books appearing on the shelves of some suburban Barnes & Noble in Peoria a few weeks before they're supposed to, or an indie bookstore in Tampa not getting around to shelving them until December. Unless you write books that contain the words "Harry" and "Potter," it's my understanding that there's not a lot of fanfare or certainty in a release date.

So that's what I know right now. If you pre-ordered a paperback from Amazon, it looks like it's coming early. Heck, you could probably pre-order right now and get it next week (unless, of course, this IS a mistake and someone shuts it down now that I've blogged about it).

I'm intrigued by this date thing though. Do you get thrown for a loop when something you've anticipated for months ends up changing at the last minute? Do you get attached to specific dates like birthdays and anniversaries, or are you one of those people who can say, "want to celebrate Groundhog Day early this year?" Please share!

And please let me know if you've gotten any messages regarding date changes on a pre-order, I'm curious!


Kelly Breakey said...

I have my calendar marked too for this one. So excited and more psyched about the fact you are going to join in our discussion this month. Too Cool! I have mine pre-ordered and checked Amazon this morning. It tells me it will be sent on August 1 to my kindle. Yay!

Jeffe Kennedy said...

I think this happens a lot. Especially if there are lots of ARCs or early copies making the rounds. I had copies of my Wyoming Trucks essay collection for three months before the official release date!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I've never heard of this. That's awesome, though, right? Super excited for ya!


Elizabeth Poole said...

I do have a weird date thing. It's like I get so READY for something to happen at a certain time, it's hard to adjust to it coming at a different time.

Which will be interesting, since I am pregnant. My due date is February 13th, and maybe it's because everyone is "Oh, it's a Valentine's Day baby!", but I have a hard time imagining that I will go into labor sooner or later. Even though it's just an estimation, and the baby will come when s/he darn well wants to.

But I am happy to hear your book is coming out sooner! I will go pre-order it now. I like not having to wait. ;)

Unknown said...

I haven't gotten any emails from B&N about this...but that would be a nice surprise if next week I turn on my e reader to find your book waiting for me, wouldn't it? :)

Cherie Reich said...

I received that email too about your book being mailed early. I'm happy about it. It means I get to read it sooner rather than later. :)

Linda G. said...

I got the email, and can't wait to have my own copy in my hot little hands!

Patrick Alan said...

I'm an angel, but I don't sing when I'm high. I mean, I want to, but I usually just giggle.

Also - HOLY SH!T, your book is coming out in a week!

NotJana said...

I've just checked my Amazon-UK account-

Dispatch Estimate: 7 Sep 2011
Delivery Estimate: 10 Sep 2011 - 13 Sep 2011

-and feel very pouty about it. Then again, their official release date is August 2011, so it might change. I'm still hoping to find Making Wakes waiting for me when I return from my holidays early August :)

susan said...

The 20th is your mom's birthday! What a present that would be :)

Brooklyn Ann said...

Wow, that's crazy, but exciting! And the Writer's Digest article? Whoa! Didja freak? I would have a good way.

Mark Simpson said...

I did not receive such an email as my order is on hold pending further confirmation of awesomeness. This open option has a "strike price" set at 90 percent on the AW scale, (from AWAAA, the Awesome Writer Association of America Association.)as I feel it is my duty as founder and thus far only member of the AWAAA to only support publications above that standard.

It's better for everyone really---a Darwinian selection process promoting survival of only the best and brightest. There are many writers who will likely never achieve this standard---including a notable member of our own organization---but standards must be kept nonetheless.

Oh, a news alert! "Making Waves" just passed 90 percent on the AW scale, based on news that... lets see here...

"It was reported today that Tawna Fenske, author of the pending release "Making Waves" wore a skirt that was six inches too short today, triggering a 3.4 point rise in awesomeness. In addition Tawna was quoted on the resulting Facebook post in saying she would next be wearing chainmail. The AWAAA bylaws have no current provisions for chainmail, but investors speculate that chainmail alone will likely result in another two point bump at the minimum, and a chainmail skirt six inches too short would be worth at least five. In any case, the mere suggestion of wearing chainmail brings MAKING WAVES to a current new high of 90.3AW."

Wow! So I get my copy two weeks early! Now that's awesome.


Kelly, I can’t wait for the book club discussion!

Jeffe, yeah, lots of authors warned me this happens often, so I’m not terribly surprised.

Lynnrush, I guess it’s pretty common…Amazon gets the books early and just decides to send them out.

Elizabeth, I’m curious what the statistics are about how many babies actually arrive on their due dates. Any clue?

Karla, I’m betting it’s just the paperbacks, but I could be wrong. I don’t know much about how all this works.

Cherie, you’ll have to let me know when it arrives!

Linda G, I’m cracking up over this, since you’ve already read the book several times! 

Patrick, thank you for yet another panic attack.

NotJana, yeah, I’ve heard international stuff can take a bit longer. Sorry about that!

Susan, funny, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the new date!

Brooklyn Ann, yeah, I’ve been freaking a lot lately!

Mark, whatever it is you’re drinking, I’d like one. Make it two.

Thanks for reading, guys!


Kim Mullican said...

Got my email yesterday - your book should arrive on Tuesday! =D How freakin' cool is that?

Jason said...

I've gotten release date change notifications before, but nothing as drastic as yours. :) Usually just a day or two.

Your book should hit my doorstep on Tuesday as well. What a coincidence, I should be finishing up the one I'm reading about then...