Monday, December 26, 2011

Lessons learned this holiday season

Every holiday season offers a chance to learn, grow, and open yourself to new life experiences and important lessons. For example:
  • A kid brother who is proud of his puppy's testicles will firmly believe an image of said testicles makes a thoughtful and treasured Christmas card.
  • Never underestimate the importance of beer as a holiday gift for a 27-year-old male housemate.
  • There is a limit to the amount of leftover scrambled eggs a dog can eat for Christmas brunch. That limit is 1/4 cup less than you think it is.
  • It takes 4.5 hours to wrap presents for a houseful of people. It takes 11 seconds to unwrap them. The amount of time it takes to clean the gift wrap, ribbons, boxes, and glitter from the living room floor has yet to be determined. 
  • It is possible to convince a 10-year-old the Pure Romance "Tickle and Whip" discovered under the bed while searching for the cat is actually a designer cat toy. It's also possible to convince the cat of this.
  • The phrase, "stuff my stocking" never stops being funny.
So what did YOU learn this holiday season? Please share!


Anonymous said...

Consider a "not safe for work" warning and link so people have a choice of whether or no to view the first pict.

I'm not trying to be prudish, but I am glad that I didn't read your blog at work like I usually do.

Sarah W said...

I learned that drinking extremely good vodka and writing a multi-verse Twas the Night inspired Twitter poem at 11pm on Christmas day is completely forgivable, because few of my followers are on Twitter at that hour anyway and the only one who didn't ignore it thought it was funny.

Also, Monster High dolls are stranger than snake shoes. Which I believe they wear.

Liz Reinhardt said...

Sarah W. - Monster High dolls really ARE the weirdest things, right? My kid got one from my Grandma (they both think she is the most beautiful things ever), and I'm honestly scared she might walk into my room with her bowed back and colossal shoes and cut out my intestines! Hahaha!

I learned that little brothers (even little brothers who are all grown up) will STILL get all competitive over their toy race-car tracks and may make your little girl stomp her feet with frustration because she's "ruining the race." (For which it is perfectly acceptable to give them both outrageous noogies.)

Jason said...

Well, to be honest, those look EXACTLY like some cat toys we have. :) Hey, maybe you are shopping in the wrong place? PetSmart may have the same thing for cheaper... Just sayin.

And yes, beer is an aweseome gift. I used it as a stocking stuffer for all the males in our family.

Diane Henders said...

Well, as of this moment, I learned that I won't have to go to the gym this afternoon. I just had my abdominal workout.

I opened the RSS feed... scrolled down... stopped... went "WHAT?!?"... scrolled back up... read the caption... and fell to the floor shrieking with laughter and clutching said aching abdominals.

'Cause really. What's funnier than dog balls? Dog balls on a Christmas card, that's what. Your brother is a sick, sick human being. I'm still laughing.

Crystal Posey said...

LOL. Best holiday blog post ever.

Patrick Alan said...

During my annual Christmas golfing with brothers and father, I thought how entertaining it would be to golf with Tawna.

"Get in the hole!"

"Stop the cart. I want to wash my balls."

Patrick Alan said...

More golfing quotes as I remember them.

"That's a tough downhill lay"

"Loosen your grip"

"Is that a stiff shaft? Oh, stiff-flex. Nice."

"You really drove that hole."