Monday, September 10, 2012

Pimpin' my agency sistah, yo (and giving away a signed copy of her debut book!)

Several years ago before I ever had a book deal, my amazing agent Michelle Wolfson  mentioned in casual conversation that she'd just signed a new client.

"I think you two would really hit it off," Michelle said. "You have similar writing styles and a similar sense of humor."

And I thought to myself (with all the maturity of a spoiled six-year-old who's just been informed she's getting a new baby sister) "but you already have ME! Why do you need another?"

Eventually though, I connected with Linda Grimes in the Twitterverse and blogosphere and we ended up meeting in person when I took a trip to the oposite side of the country.

Obviously, we hated each other:

OK, so WonderAgent Michelle was right. Linda and I adore each other. Well, I adore Linda. It's possible she's only tolerating me because she thinks I have access to good wine and dirty movies, but that's a fine basis for a friendship as far as I'm concerned.

The similarities in our writing and our sense of humor means we're well-suited as critique partners, which is how I knew even before her debut novel, In A Fix, hit shelves last week that it's a hilariously fantabulous book.

Here's a blurb:

Snagging a marriage proposal for her client while on an all-expenses-paid vacation should be a simple job for Ciel Halligan, aura adaptor extraordinaire. A kind of human chameleon, she's able to take on her clients' appearances and slip seamlessly into their lives, solving any sticky problems they don't want to deal with themselves. No fuss, no muss. Big paycheck.

This particular assignment is pretty enjoyable...that is, until Ciel's island resort bungalow is blown to smithereens and her client's about-to-be-fiancé is snatched by modern-day Vikings. For some reason, Ciel begins to suspect that getting the ring is going to be a tad more difficult than originally anticipated.

Going from romance to rescue requires some serious gear-shifting, as well as a little backup. Her best friend, Billy, and Mark, the CIA agent she's been crushing on for years—both skilled adaptors—step in to help, but their priority is, annoyingly, keeping her safe. Before long, Ciel is dedicating more energy to escaping their watchful eyes than she is to saving her client's intended.

Suddenly, facing down a horde of Vikings feels like the least of her problems.
I'll be honest, I'm not generally a fan of stories with heavy paranormal elements. That's actually one reason I love this book. There's nothing heavy about it – it's just good, whimsical, entertaining FUN. I love that in a book (go figure).

And even though I've already read In A Fix several times throughout the critique process, I couldn't wait to hustle down to my local indie bookstore, Between the Covers, to buy a copy of the book.

Since I was squealing like a little girl in all my excitement, the store owner suggested I might like a photo in one of the shop's kiddie chairs. I was a little afraid my butt might get stuck, but I rarely let that stop me from doing anything.

If you want to squeal with excitement of your very own, I encourage you to go out now and acquire a copy. Here are some helpful online shopping links:
Want a chance to win a signed copy? Linda has graciously agreed to sign mine and mail it along to one lucky winner. Just answer a simple question in the comments: If you could take on someone else's identity for a day, who would you be and what would you do? 

We'll choose one commenter at 5 p.m. PST Wednesday, Sept. 12 and he or she will win a signed copy of d In A Fix.

Trust me, it's worth playing for.


Judy, Judy, Judy said...

I read the arc and I have a copy winging it's way to me, yet I'm still selfish enough to want to win a signed copy. Go figure.
If I could be someone else for a day, I would be Mrs. Christian Bales. For obvious reasons.

Linda G. said...

Aww, thanks, sistah! Who knew Michelle would turn out to be such a great CP matchmaker?

I suppose I'm not eligible, huh? If I could enter, I'd choose to be you, because I can't think of a more entertaining way to spend a day! ;)

Kristi said...

Love every bit of this blog post. And your agency sista's book. Definitely enter me. :)

If I could be anyone for a day...hmmm...right about now being Lily Collins, on the set of City of Bones, would be perfectly alright. It would be much less creepy to crush after cute boys it they were closer to my age. And you know, to me.

Missy Olive said...

I loved, loved, loved this book!

I also met Linda through the internet. I haven't met her in person but hope to while she is on book tour.

Congrats Linda! Don't enter me in the contest--let another lucky reader get the copy!

Patty Blount said...

I can't wait to get my copy! I love paranormal elements and think this premise is one of the most original ideas I've come across.

Great idea for a contest, too. I think I'd like to be Kristen Stewart for a day so I can make her hold her head up and stop letting everyone vilify her. That shouldn't take long, so then, I'd pop into Carole Marini - don't know that is? Google her husband - the uber-sexy Gilles Marini *swoons*

Gina said...

Oh dear. Honestly, first thing through my head was "What would I do? Beckham. So I guess I'd have to be Posh". Because being in the gutter would be an upgrade for my poor mind.

Honestly, I like being me for the most part. Maybe zapping into someone who could fix a few of the issues I've got with our country. You know, make both sides get along so stuff could get done.

Or whoever is warming Nathan Fillion's bed. Either way.

Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

I can't wait to read this one! I love Linda. If I could be anyone, I would be my three year old. She gets to be naked much of the time. Throws fits when she doesn't get her way. Says what she wants when she thinks it (something I used to do until I had to be a responsible adult). Spends her days playing. Finds everything funny and gives everyone hugs. It's a good life.

Candyland said...

Ahhh! Can't wait! Love you both and I'm coming over for wine and dirty movies.

miaohdeux said...

This sounds like such a fun book!

I'd be either:

1) Francesca Lia Block, because her books are so whimsical and weird that I REALLY want to know what's going on inside her head.


2) One of the female judges on Top Chef: Just Desserts, so I could spend the day eating treats and hitting on Johnny Iuzzini. Rawr.

Anonymous said...

You are the one who made me believe in pirate romances again, so I am ready to embrace the paranormal :0)

Kayla Beck said...

I think I'd like to be my five year old for a day. She gets so excited about her adventures at school, and I want a taste of the action!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I had to sit and think about this question. Immediately my mind went into the gutter, but no. I don't have any cute kids I'd like to get some of that happy childhood back.

All I want to do in this life is help people. Whether it's holding open a door or making someone's dreams come true. That fills my heart with such joy and makes me happy (and I have an illness that doen't bring me joy). So I would be Oprah. Then I would have the connections needed to help people.

erin said...

Since I love your books, any recommendation you give carries it's weight in gold :) But seriously, this book was already on my radar cuz I've read such awesome prerelease reviews! Ummm... I think that it would be cool to switch places with Michelle Obama for a day. See what it's really like as FL :)

Julie Glover said...

Perhaps this sounds boring, but I would pop into my husband's brain for a day. Maybe then he would make sense. While we're at it, can he pop into mine and discover just how amazing I am?

And yeah, we would totally make love like that and get to feel what the other feels. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL. Well, I like Julie's idea, but I guess the person that came into my head is Lily Tomlin. Lily Tomlin circa filming for 9 to 5. I would love to be a part of that women's movement, and I'm a big fan of using humor to demonstrate a point.

Victoria said...

I'd like to be my younger sister for a day. Maybe living her life would give me some insight into the way she thinks.

...What? It doesn't work like that?

Anonymous said...

Where should I start? I would love to change places with Hugh Jackman's wife, just for fun! ;) I would love to be someone thin and employed. I would love to be a person living in England or Ireland. But I would just want it for a day or so, cause I would miss my hubby and children. :)

Raley Blue said...

Haha... I know I'm a day late and a dollar short and I won last time anyway...But I only just today figured out who I'd wanna switch places with. I want to be my boyLovey for a day so I can see what it's like to pee for distance, standing up and he can see what it's like to not. ;)

Susan Spann said...

It definitely looks like you and Linda are having fun! I met Linda through the Debutante Ball and had the privilege of interviewing her for my blog last week. She seems like so much fun - you're lucky to know her in person!!

IN A FIX is a great book with a fantastic concept, too!