Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Extra! Extra! Coliloquy makes me cheap & easy for a limited time!

I wouldn't ordinarily put up two blog posts in one week, but I just had to share this!

You know how I've written two interactive fiction titles for Coliloquy with the Getting Dumped series (sorta like a grownup choose-your-own-adventure)?

And you know how my new standalone novella, the Great Panty Caper just came out yesterday?

Well to celebrate release day, Coliloquy is doing a special, limited-time bundle at a killer price. See, normally you'd pay $4.99 for Getting Dumped episode one, and if you liked that and wanted to continue reading the story, you'd buy Getting Dumped episode two for another $4.99.

You could also pay $1.99 to read The Great Panty Caper, which is a standalone novella that's technically part of the series, but would make sense even if you've never read a word I've written.

OK, so forget all those prices I just told you, because right now, Coliloquy is selling ALL THREE OF THOSE THINGS in one kick-ass bundle for $8.99!

Here's the link (which will let you nab it for Kindle or Nook or iPad or whatever you happen to use. Except maybe Braille. I don't think we have that yet).

I'm pretty sure they aren't throwing in a bundle of Ginsu knives, so this is probably the best deal you'll ever see EVER for any of my books. I'm guessing it won't last long, so act fast.

And thanks so much to everyone who's been buying and reading so far. Love you guys!


John Ross Barnes said...

Yay, Tawna's Cheap & Easy! Wait, can we still say that, now that you're engaged?

Nice promo!

Skye said...

I'd love to buy this set! However, as I use a Kindle app on my iPhone (yeah, but I can't buy an e-reader until I'm actually employed), I am not sure if I can read the Getting Dumped episodes.

However, I have emailed Colliloquy support about this question. I'll let you know what they say! (And I hope it's soon enough so I can take advantage of this deal!)

Michelle Wolfson said...

Skye, Coliloquy will know this better (and they can tell you what a technological idiot I can be), but I think all iStuff comes with iBooks as a reader, so you might be able to buy the iBookstore version and read it there. Just taking a moment to spread some hope. :)
Tawna's books really are that awesome that you don't want to miss this.