Monday, July 28, 2014

Win an awesome necklace and free pubic lice

Last week I told you how I accidentally wrote myself into my new book, Fiancée for Hire.

I figure I've already earned myself some loony bin points for that, so I may as well go all out and start wearing articles of my heroine's clothing. This lacy thong is surprisingly comfortable.

Those of you who've read Fiancée for Hire in the last week know Kelli wears a special necklace bearing a paw print charm and a pearl that belonged to her grandmother. It looks sorta like this:

I just tried to take a picture of myself wearing it and ended up with a series of cleavage shots not suitable for sharing on a blog. Also, note to self: put on a bra to write blog posts.

Anyway, Kelli loves her necklace and so do I. We love it so much that we want to give one away to a reader. Here's how you enter to win:

  1. Post in the comments here or email me at tawnafenske at yahoo dot com telling me you purchased Fiancée for Hire. You get one entry for that. I won't make you prove it, but I'm pretty sure the universe will strike you with a raging case of pubic lice if you lie to an author about buying her book.
  2. Leave an honest review of the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. You get another entry for doing this. Again, tell me in the comments or send me an email about it. Did I mention the pubic lice?
  3. Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or some other social media platform that's too cool for me to know about it? Take to the interwebz and give a shout-out for the book. You get one entry for doing that, but we'll make it two if you include a buy link so lazy people don't have to work too hard to find the book.
Tally up all your entries and tell me about it in the comments or an email. I'll draw a winner on Monday, August 4.

Oh, and if you really want the necklace but don't feel like jumping through all those hoops, the amazing LuLish Design created a handy page where you can just buy the damn thing for $25 with free shipping. Here's a link.

And here's a non-cleavage shot I finally managed to take after putting on a bra and a shirt and holding the camera out instead of shooting straight down at my flesh dumplings. Never let it be said I won't go the extra mile for you guys.


Tamara said...

I've purchased... Just haven't read it yet but it it's high up on my TBR queue.

SheriV said...

Amazon informs me that I have in fact purchased this title. I will endeavor to read it quickly so I can review. ;)

I shared on my blog page. :)

smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

Unknown said...

I purchased it on Amazon

Deborah Blake said...

I'm reading right now, and loving it. But honey, the pubic lice thing was just a bridge too far. Not funny--just icky. (Although admittedly, I haven't had my coffee yet.)
No need to enter me for the necklace, since I am a jewelry maker myself, but it is very pretty.

erin said...

Bought it on amazon the day it came out... waiting for some free time to dive in, but I lovingly caress my kindle every day cuz I know it's in there :) Thanks for the fun giveaway and congrats on the enwest release!!!

Paige Turner said...

I bought and loved Fiancee for hire. I also wrote a review on Amazon and Goodreads.
And....this was also shared on facebook

I'm at 4

Carolyn said...

I read it immediately as soon as I purchased your book on my iPad. I absolutely loved your character, Kelli, she was totally hot in all the right ways, I.e. smart, sexy, confident and beautiful! The story was a riot and so funny. I read it in a few hours, read during my breaks at work and when I ate -- just ignored the world around me. You're a terrific author and I love your stories!

Fedora said...

Purchased, tweeted, reviewed on Amazon and GR and ARe.

Thank you for a fantastic read and a fun contest!

Misty H said...

I bought it and will review it as soon as I finish it ...I Promise!


Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who participated! I threw all the entries in a hat, so now it's time to draw....

Congratulations to Paige Turner! Shoot me an email at tawnafenske at yahoo dot com with your mailing address and I'll get your necklace out to you ASAP. Thanks for playing!

And if you didn't win but urgently want to buy the necklace, it's just $25 with free shipping right here:


Paige Turner said...

Yeah me! Thanks!

Fedora said...

Congratulations, Paige! Thanks for the fun, Tawna!