Monday, February 22, 2010

Deeply profound lessons from my weekend

Do you ever have one of those weekends where it just feels like life is constantly teaching you little lessons? No? Maybe it’s just me.

In random order, here are the things I learned this weekend:

* Standing on my frost-covered back porch wearing only a towel and shouting “bad woodpecker” is not an effective way to make him stop pecking my house.

* A dog’s breath is remarkably fresh when she eats an entire packet of Sen-Sens.

* Though I may wish I could sleep with the hero in critique partner Cynthia Reese’s new manuscript, it’s never going to happen. (Duh, it’s an inspirational romance. He doesn’t do that sort of thing).

* Sometimes no matter how long I sniff the sock, I can’t determine if it’s clean or dirty.

* If I get my hair caught on the mailbox and end up yanking out a clump before turning around and smacking my head on the car door, it’s pretty much a guarantee one of my neighbors will see.

* I’ll never get over the thrill I feel when I find myself laughing out loud at something I’ve written.

* Try as I may to decode the secret message my cat is trying to communicate with items stolen from neighbors’ yards, there is no discernable connection between a gardening glove, a pair of swim goggles, and a dirt-smeared page of homework with a bad grade.

So what did you learn this weekend?


Adrien-Luc Sanders said...

What did I learn this weekend?


Excuse me, will be over here hiding under the couch.

Linda G. said...

Let's see, what did I learn this weekend? Um, Bloody Marys without Tobasco are really dull, you should never buy sunscreen in a tube the same size as your toothpaste (bleah!) and apparently you eat spiders.


Adrien-Luc in my defense, it's not like I prepare them for dinner every Sunday. Just every other Sunday.

Linda G. eeew on both the Tabasco-free Bloody Mary and the sunscreen as toothpaste. Spiders are much more nutritious than either of those things.


Lindsay said...

I love the submissive, "I'm in trouble" Bindi picture. Love, love love it. This weekend, I learned that I should get dressed before 11am because that's an acceptable time for unannounced visitors to knock on the door. In this case, I just ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower. :)


Lindsay, I know, doesn't Bindi look sorry about the whole Sen Sen debacle?

Did you actually check to see who was at the door, or did you just flee for the shower? Could've been Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes letting you know you'd won a million bucks.


~Jamie said...

damn what are we going to do about those hotties in the books we want to make out with?


Jamie, is it wrong that I routinely have sexy dreams about completely fictional characters in the novels I read? And is it wrong that I just shared that?