Monday, September 5, 2011

A shirtless man holding my book. Need I say more?

It was a good weekend for learning important life lessons.

I mean besides the fact that you shouldn't play badminton in the dark unless a mild concussion is your idea of a good time.

The most significant lesson I learned is that you shouldn't hold a blog contest over Labor Day weekend.

I'm choosing to believe that's the reason I got exactly one entry (since the alternative is to accept the possibility that no one wanted to win a signed copy of Making Waves).

No matter, the one entry I got is so hysterical, so charming, that I feel like it should count for ten entries. That pretty much guarantees Geoffrey Cubbage wins, so congratulations to him!

Geoffrey made a crack in Thursday's blog comments about dropping his pants in WalMart to cause a scene that might prompt people to buy Making Waves. I told him that if he did, I'd make sure he got one of the signed copies.

Here's what Geoffrey emailed me Sunday evening:


The very nice elderly lady working at Barnes and Noble asked me to keep my pants on but seemed fine with me posing open-shirted, so here you have it: a picture inside with the book, a picture outside the door with it and one of us attempting a car roof pin-up, and then a shot of the attractive lady who bought the copy looking strangely excited about Battleships for some reason! (You can't see "Making Waves" in that one because we're forgetful and bad at photos, but it's totally in the purse there.)

Just don't tell my poor old mother that her sons are sending half-naked pictures of themselves to young women on the internet now.


Geoffrey Cubbage

Let's have a huge round of applause for Geoffrey, shall we? Nicely done.

Want to try it yourself? I've still got two copies of Making Waves I'd be happy to sign and send out into the world. Show me how you convinced someone to buy the book. You don't have to send embarrassing photos (though obviously that's a whole lot of fun). Get creative! Perhaps an email to friends urging them to run to their nearest WalMart and buy the book? Skywriting? A strategically placed Making Waves tattoo?

The possibilities are endless, and I'm extending the deadline through Sunday, September 11 at noon PST. Send what you've got to tawnafenske at yahoo dot com. I'll pick two winners and will announce them on Monday, September 12. Questions? Leave 'em in the comments.

And how about another round of applause for Geoffrey?


Anonymous said...

**Claps hands for Geoffrey** Nicely done! That's awesome.

Have a great day!

Matthew MacNish said...

Well done, sir. I like your hat.

Linda G. said...

*piercing wolf whistle* (Appropriate from a Wolf Pack member, right?) Way to go, Geoffrey! Congratulations on your win.

Also, I commend your parents on their very fine work. Nice genes! ;)

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Wooo -- ee! I won't tell Geoffrey's mom, but he certainly has some potential as a book-reading pin-up. :D I like the third picture best. Love that ornery look in his eyes!

Lynnanne said...

Woooooooo hooooooo! What a hoot. Good job, Geoffrey!

Sarah W said...

My husband just asked me why I'm humming "Save a Horse" by Big & Rich.

No reason . . .

Robena Grant said...

"Hey! Get the hell off my car, Geoffrey." : ) Nice photos. Fun game.

Judy,Judy,Judy. said...

Fess up - you just sent Geoffrey the book cause he's such a hottie.
Kidding - though he is a hottie.

I just received my signed copy in the mail! Thanks! I'll put it on my shelf in between the signed copy of Crusie's Maybe This Time and Melissa Senate's The Secret of Joy.

See, I make sure you're in good company.

Dona Watson said...

Absolutely hilarious! Nicely done.

Geoffrey Cubbage said...

I think the book makes the shots, really. Just wouldn't be the same with a different paperback.

Also there is apparently a whole website devoted to pictures of cute guys reading books? (Other than my blog and Tawna's, I mean.)

"Hot Guys Reading Books," out of This was not a thing I knew about until today, when I was told by several different people using several different social networking tools.

All in all it's been an odd day. But I know someone who'll lend me her copy of "Making Waves" just as soon as she finishes, so I'll call it a win!

t.o. Aster said...

All this and he made bacon pancakes for breakfast this morning... Yum!