Monday, November 28, 2011

Even moving day is filthy if you listen closely

I spent the weekend helping a friend move, a process that’s approximately as enjoyable as sliding down a razor blade banister into a barrel of grapefruit juice.

On the bright side, there was no shortage of amusing innuendo. For example…

Disassembling furniture

  • We need to find a good place for all the screws
  • It should be loose enough now you can just use your fingers


  • Will this fit in that box?
  • That’s way too big to shove in there

Lugging furniture up and down stairs

  • Do you want to be on top or bottom?
  • Hold on, I need to get a better grip so I can slide it
  • Let’s switch so you're not behind me

Loading the moving truck

  • We need to put the smaller things in before we cram in all that big stuff
  • Push harder and you should be able to get it in
  • Why don’t I stick that in my trunk instead?

So that pretty much covers the excitement of my weekend. How was yours?


Writer Pat Newcombe said...

Not as interesting as yours, obviously! Love the inuendo - made me smile...

Sarah W said...

We went to a holiday festival with a ballroom full of sponsored, themed Christmas trees.

One tree was made of strings of lights and crystals, with a beautiful, flat, stained-glass base to place presents on. It was also extremely tall.

I heard a woman say to the man next to her, "No, that would be way too hard for me--I'd have to be on top." he startedt o laugh and she punched him in the arm and said, loudly, "I mean, on top of the ladder!! To fix the star!"

LynnRush said...

Bahahahaha. I love how you can find humor in everything! That just makes me laugh. I had a great weekend. Lots of food, family, and fun! :)

Patricia Eimer said...

Oh crap, we're getting ready to move and I'm going to have this in my head the whole time now. How am I going to keep from giggling inappropriately with my mother in law in the room?

Diane Henders said...

"Holy sh*t, I've never been blown like that before!"

149 km/hr (93 mph) wind gusts, glass getting sucked out of highrises. They closed downtown Calgary because of the flying glass.

Yep, just another weekend in Chinook Country.

Bethany Elizabeth said...

This morning needed a laugh, and this definitely helped. :) There's innuendo everywhere!

Anonymous said...
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