Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just when you thought the housemates were gone...

Many of you have expressed concern that my recent household move will halt blog posts about the two twenty-something male housemates who've kept us entertained this past year.

Many of you have read my posts about bizarre happenings in my life and left comments along the lines of, "if it were anyone but you telling this story, I'd never believe it's true."

This post is for you.

A couple days after my gentleman friend and I moved into our new house, I was on the floor of my office cursing like a sailor with my skirt hiked up around my waist as I struggled to stuff the futon into its cover.

It would have been better if I'd just written, "I was in my office writing," huh?

So there I was on the floor with my hair and clothing all askew and my sliding door open to my fenced backyard when I heard a familiar voice.

"Hey, Tawna. How's it going?"

I jumped up, straightened my skirt, and squinted into my backyard. There, peering over the fence with matching grins on their faces, were my two former housemates.

"Er, what's up?" I called, tugging at my skirt as I gave the futon a kick for good measure.

"Nothing," one of them yelled. "Just looking at some rooms."

You read that right. In a city of 82,000 souls and countless homes with rooms for rent, the two former housemates not only decided to go house-hunting together, but to rent space in the home directly behind us.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

To their credit, they came over before committing to rent and made sure we were OK with the arrangement. We agreed, as long as they both promised we will never come home to find them sacked out on out sofa watching war movies and feeding deep-fried pastrami to the dog.

They agreed.

A few days later, I bumped into one of the housemates in the driveway of our old home. We were both there packing a few last-minute things, and it was the first time we'd spoken alone for ages.

"So I've gotta tell you a funny story," he said. "The day we checked out that house and realized it was right behind you, we explained the whole situation to the woman renting the rooms."

Apparently, their new prospective housemate found the whole thing hysterical. "It's a really quiet neighborhood," she told them, "and a lot of the nearby houses are vacant. And everyone's sleeping with their windows open right now because it's so hot. And I don't want to spread gossip or anything, but a couple nights after those two moved in, I heard them really going at it."

The housemates laughed, and politely changed the subject (or so his story goes).

"After he and I left," the housemate continued as we stood there in our old driveway, "we started talking about whether we wanted to rent those rooms or not. And he says to me, 'it's too bad about Tawna. I guess they're not getting along."

Confused, he asked him to elaborate. The other housemate frowned. "You know. The neighbor said they were really going at it. Fighting and stuff."

It took every ounce of self-control the other housemate possessed for him not to fall to the ground laughing. (This is probably a lie – I'm sure he laughed his ass off).

"I don't think she meant they were fighting," he said slowly. "I think she meant going at it –like going at it?"

It took a few beats for the other housemate to get it.

And it took a few hours for me to stop laughing after I heard this story.

"For the record," I informed him. "We were probably just moving furniture up the stairs. Or playing with the dog. Or watching a movie. Or–"

"How about we just never speak of this again?" he said.


And how about I give serious consideration to having my windows permanently sealed?


Judy,Judy,Judy. said...

At least with those two around you'll never have to wonder what your neighbors are saying about you.
Glad to know you and your sweetie are getting along so well!

Dani said...

Gosh you have the best life ever! I think everyone needs (ex)housemates like you.

Loralie Hall said...

This is the stuff in books that makes people go 'wow, that was contrived just for the sake of a sequal'

And I'm still laughing about the 'going at it' confusion ^_^

Jessica Lemmon said...

Yay! Housemates: The Sequel! I love it! Thanks, as usual, for the laugh. ;-D

chihuahuazero said...

It's a small world after all...

Lisa Ahn said...

Only you! Hilarious!!

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Raley Blue said...

Life's like that. Gotta love cowinkydinks. LOL. And good for you waking up the neighborhood! I'm for one, amd proud, proud, PROUD of you! ;)And I would have really missed the housemates too.

~Sia McKye~ said...

LMAO! Omg, how funny. Looks like you'll have plenty of fodder for the blog.

You gotta watch those sound effects, Tawna. Of course, you could have said it was all research. ;-) I'll never read your love scenes in quite the same way...

I couldn't resist teasing you a bit!

Have a great weekend!

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