Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Great writer gifts day 2: Show your pride!

Welcome to the second day of my week-long series highlighting holiday gifts for writers. You all went out and bought mugs for your writing pals yesterday, right?

Good. Moving on.

One of the most popular blog posts I’ve ever written is the one titled You ARE a real author, dammit.

The gist of the message is that you’re a “real” author whether you’re published or not, whether you’re writing your first manuscript or your fifty-first.

I stand by the sentiment 110%, but sometimes…well, you need something to make you feel a little more legit. Something that identifies you as an author whether you’re attending a conference or just going to the grocery store.

Enter Romance Yardsale. No really, enter it. That’s a link to the store.

Romance Yardsale was created by authors MG Buehrlen and Bria Quinlan, two YA (young adult) writers chasing the dream. You can find an endless array of shirts, notebooks, mugs, mouspads, tote bags, magnets, thongs—yes, thongs—emblazoned with your choice of sayings.

Their most popular designs are these two, which can be added to any of the aforementioned items and probably a few things I’m forgetting:

My favorite, however, is this t-shirt I bought myself as a reward for some writing accomplishment I’ve long since forgotten:
Every time I wear it, someone makes a comment. Well OK, first they stare at my boobs, then they make a comment. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the company of a hundred other authors or just hanging out at the gym—the shirt makes me feel like a real author. Like there’s an inside joke, and I’m lucky enough to be in on it.

Writers who aren’t as comfortable turning their boobs into a billboard can opt for something a bit more subtle. “I love the notebooks,” Bria told me when I emailed to make sure the site was still active. “I love that you can choose what type of paper is inside: lined, graph, blank or checkboxes.”

And here are a few more options for those notebooks or water bottles or…well, whatever you want:

I should mention that I’m not getting any sort of kickback from Romance Yardsale—I just really like their stuff, and I like supporting fellow authors.

Do you have a shirt or a pen or a notebook or anything else that makes you feel more like a REAL author? Is it something subtle, or something that causes people to stare at your chest and ask questions? Please share.

And please add some Romance Yardsale goodies to your holiday gift list. I’m eyeing the boy-short myself.


Unknown said...

The butt panties are mine.

The object I have that makes me feel like a real author is a notebook "holder" I found at my grandma's - all black and soft with golden corners and a pocket for folded idea notes.

LR said...

I love that t-shirt. Totally rocks.

Candyland said...

Super cute. I'm gonna have to buy myself some presents. Early.

bria quinlan said...

I don't thihnk it's a mistake that the adorable boyshorts match your site ;) I'm totally waiting for the day you model those for us.

Thanks Tawna for sharing our store. We love coming up with writerly gifts *we'd* want!

Danica Avet said...

I just had a Bwahahaha moment with those boy shorts! *wipes away a tear*

I love Romance Yardsale. When you mentioned it earlier in the year, I bought a shirt for my cousin from them. I think I'll have to check back for something for myself though.

Linda G. said...

I have that eavesdropping...er, research...notebook. Love it! All the writing gifts at the Romance Yardsale are so cool.:)

Patrick Alan said...

I'm not a real author. I am an implant. I look just like a real author, but I feel a little different.

Matthew MacNish said...

I've always thought of being a writer and being an author as two different things. You have an interesting take on the concept, and I love it!

Also, it looks like this place has some really fun stuff. I'll go see if there's a manly speedo.

Katt said...

hmmm... I need one that says
"Death by Synopsis"

Delia said...

I have a t-shirt that says, in reverse print so you can only read it when you look in the mirror, "You are a brilliant writer. Now get back to work." My favorite.

However, I'm feeling that research notebook. It may have to go on the Christmas list. And the Nicholas Sparks shirt.

Colene Murphy said...

Haha! Those are awesome!! Definitely need to go spend some time there. Thanks!

Bookewyrme said...

My favorite is the "A Metaphor is like a simile" quote. It made me giggle uncontrollably for five straight minutes. Nerdy word humor for the win!


Heather M. Gardner said...

I still live under the foolish premise that I am a writer until I get published and then I am an author.
A friend gave me a t-shirt that says: Careful or you'll end up in my novel.
It certainly is a conversation starter when I wear it.

demery said...

Great gift ideas! And I love the idea of buying yourself a little gift as a reward for a writing accomplishment. I'm ready to go accomplish something now so I can do it...

randine said...

I LOVE that shirt, it makes me feel better about my drinking, like I'm not the only writer with a drinking problem, or drinker with a writing problem.

@Bookwyrme" "A metaphor is like a simile"- that made me laugh out loud.

Claire Dawn said...

I love the boy short. Getting myself those when I finish edit 1 :)

Anonymous said...

Wow I love these guys, and my wish list just got so much longer ;)