Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Win a signed copy of Making Waves for a fake Q&A

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

It's possible it's an oncoming train, but I'm hopeful it's actually a sign that I'm nearing the end of the Virtual Book Tour that's been devouring my time this past month. I'm also hopeful life might slow down just a bit after this week when my year as the Friday blogger at The Debutante Ball comes to an end.

For now though, I'm still in the thick of it. I wish that were as filthy as it sounds.

Since I'm getting a little loopy answering interview questions these days, I figure I might as well share the joy with you guys. I should probably also share a prize, which is a signed copy of Making Waves.

Here's your task:

  1. Write an interview question. It can be a question for me, for yourself, or for anyone you've ever wanted to interview. Be sure to specify who you're aiming your question at when you leave it in the comment trail.
  2. Answer your own question. Feel free to be as silly or as serious as you want.
That's pretty much it. I haven't decided yet how I'll pick the winner, but I'll announce it on Thursday's blog. Any questions? Leave 'em in the comments and I'll try to answer.

Otherwise, commence mock interviewing in 3, 2, 1...

Just to clarify (since I was probably ridiculously unclear in my original instructions, your interview question doesn't have to be for me. Like, yanno, for example, if you wanted to ask Daniel Craig if he's ever considered leaving his wife and running away with a hot romantic comedy author, that would be good. Hypothetically.


Christine Tyler said...

Me: Garage porn? Are you kidding me?

Tawna: Yes. No.

Me: I love you.

Ang said...

Tawna to me: I understand you are pursuing a doctorate degree while working full-time and raising five boys ... how do you manage all of that sober?

Me to Tawna: I have limited study time, and I'm a big fan of mnemonics. For example, when memorizing numerical categories in statistics (Nominal, Ordinal, Interval & Ratio), I thought of Pinot Noir - N.O.I.R. ;)

CBlaire said...

Me (Chloe) to Tawna: How many submissions did it take before you connected with Michelle at Wolfson Literary?

Tawna to me (Chloe):
I struck gold with my first sub! Donno if it was my fab plot or my unforgettable name!

Steph Schmidt said...

SS: Tawna, where did all the wine go?

TF: There was no wine. This is not the bottle you were looking for.

Scott Stillwell said...

{Me, using my best James Lipton voice} So, Tawna, what is your favorite curse word?

{Tawna} Well that's easy, "@#$%."

{Me, no longer channeling Lipton} Umm, are you calling me a "@#$%?"

{Tawna} No, you @#$%, I was answering the question.

{Me} Oh, @#$%! Sorry--my mistake.

Christina Auret said...
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Christina Auret said...

Q: Is there any single activity that always inspires you to write/gives you ideas?

A: Cleaning the garage ...

(Yes, I know, a blatant rip off of Christine Tyler's comment. I am happy to disqualify myself, but the joke had to be made.)

Linda G. said...

Me to Tawna: Will you blurb me?

Tawna to me: That sounds dirty. So, yes, of course I will.

Cheers! *lifts Manhattan in the general direction of the ocean*


LOL, you guys are cracking me up!

Just to clarify (since I know I probably wasn't super clear in my instructions) you don't HAVE to ask me your question. You're more than welcome to ask Daniel Craig if he'd be willing to leave his wife and run away with you to Paris (and then invent whatever answer you might wish for him to give).


Anonymous said...

Me: Is this book dirty?

Me: What are you talking about? There's no dirt on it!

Judy,Judy,Judy. said...

Me to Johnny Depp: Did you know we were born in the same hospital in the same month during different years?

Johnny Depp to me: I did know that and I've always wanted to meet you. Let's have coffee and I'll tell you all the reasons I like you so far.


Britni Patterson said...

Me: Mark, can I call you Mark? I mean I know your real name is Samuel Clemens, but frankly, the psuedonym is just sexier.

Twain: "If it makes you more comfortable, I don't mind a'tall."

Me: *swooon*