Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Celebrating launch day for GETTING DUMPED by giving away a free Kindle!

You may have caught some of the media buzz yesterday, but in case you missed it, Coliloquy officially launched their new line of "active fiction" titles for Kindle.

My book, Getting Dumped, is one of the four launch books for what is essentially a grownup version of choose-your-own-adventure novels.

Can I pause here to squeal with joy?

There's been a lot of chatter about how this is the first interactive app ever released by Amazon, and how this is changing the face of publishing. You can read some snippets at Publishers Weekly or on techy sites like WebPro News.

I've heard from a handful of people who wish they could read the book, but don't have a Kindle. Others have shared that they loved the book and wish they could give it as a gift to a Kindle-less loved one.

Want to remedy that?

Coliloquy is giving away a free Kindle to one lucky reader of this blog. Not just a free Kindle, but a free Kindle loaded with the four launch titles.

How cool is that?!

There are several ways you can enter to win. Want more than one entry? Do more than one thing!
  1. Tweet your heart out! If you're a Twitter user, compose a tweet stating why you want Getting Dumped. Be sure to include @coliloquy and/or @tawnafenske so you get credit.
  2. About Face! Are you a Facebook fan? Put up a post explaining why you want a free Kindle, a copy of Getting Dumped, and maybe a pony.
  3. Blog it, baby. Got a blog of your own? Write about us! Share what you think is cool about Coliloquy, why you want to read Getting Dumped, or how you share my not-so-secret fantasy of ditching the day job to crush garbage with heavy equipment.
  4. Review me! Are you one of the folks who's already read Getting Dumped but want to win for a friend? Review the book on Amazon! Bonus points for positive reviews! (Kidding. Not really).
  5. Share the love! Visit my fabulous agent's blog and leave a comment letting her know I sent you and that you desperately, urgently want to win the Kindle.
  6. Capture the moment. Snap a funny photo with some Getting Dumped significance. Like maybe a picture of you beside a piece of heavy equipment. Or a picture of you with a great handbag. Or a picture of you holding the great handbag while driving a bulldozer over the top of a guy who just got busted for selling counterfeit handbags. Use your imagination and make us laugh! You can send pics to tawnafenske at yahoo dot com.
Your name will be entered in the drawing one time for each of those tasks. Do one, or do them all! It's a regular DO IT fest! (snicker)

Whatever you do, leave a comment on this blog alerting us exactly which entry tasks you've performed. We'll love you forever if you include links, user names, Twitter handles, or any info that makes it easy for us to see what you're saying.

The contest will be open through 5 p.m. PST on Tuesday, January 24. I'll choose a winner and post the pics the next day.

Questions? Points of clarification? Leave 'em in the comments!

About Getting Dumped, now available on Kindle:
Getting Dumped is an "Active Fiction" title, a new type of e-book from Coliloquy. In this Active Fiction series, your input influences future books from this author. Specifically, in Getting Dumped, your choices influence what happens to JJ Shultz. Losing a cushy marketing job only to end up driving heavy equipment at the landfill would be a tough blow for most women, but JJ Schultz isn't most women. JJ gamely swaps office politics for a chance to crush garbage. The drama kicks into high gear when JJ and her sister, Lori, uncover a counterfeit handbag ring. JJ soon finds herself unraveling a sinister plot in the company of a tie-tugging accountant, a straight-to-video action hero/secretary, a suspicious but sneaky-hot engineer, and a host of other characters with questionable hygiene and morals. The author still isn't sure who JJ should end up with, so she's eager to see who her readers prefer. She sees the aggregate statistics on who gets picked the most, so the more you read, the more you influence what she writes. Please note: Getting Dumped contains content that may be inappropriate for children.


Aussiebookchic said...

Is this open to other countries ? Say Australia ? Please please please !!!

Hanna said...

I promise I'll stop whining about this sooooon, sorry, but...

I'm really happy for you Tawna, this sounds like an awesome thing and I really like me som new cool way of telling stories. And since I got a Kindle for Christmas I've been itching to buy Getting Dumped and see what it's all about. :)

But. I can't. I assume it's a region locking thing from Amazon, and of course this is not something you have any say in, but I want to tell you how disappointed I was to discover I live in the wrong country (I assume). Again.

It happens more often than I'm comfortable with, and it's really annoying every time.
One goes after something one has discovered and feel passionate enough about to go and try to buy that specific thing, only to discover someone somewhere don't want my money. Hate it.

Phew. Okay. Again, I'm sorry for whining. I'll shut up now.

Laina said...


And commented on Michelle's blog :) Under, erm, this username

EmilyR said...

Congratulations, Tawna! I'm heading over to your agent's blog right now.

Matthew MacNish said...

Now you need to write the script for a video game, ala Leisure Suit Larry.

Cherie Reich said...

Congrats on your newest release! I love the idea of this novel, so I'm looking forward to reading it. :)

Allie Sanders said...

Does Tweeting about my Amazon review and all of the random "OH MY GOSH FUNNY" tweets from last night as I read it count as entry?

*plots how to find purple spandex for pictures...* <--- This is the BEST part of the entire book. Just so you know. DH had to come check on me from laughing so hard during this.

And I love the Agent/Writer blog pimpage today. It makes for a fun back and forth game. ;)

delilah s. dawson said...

I want that Kindle, and I want to read GETTING DUMPED! My Nook is super old, and I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books, so I think @coliloquy is simply brilliant. I tweeted (!/DelilahSDawson/status/159686022677004288)
and I think Tawna needs a Facebook fan page so I can LIKE her some more.

abby mumford said...

i'll have you know that i tried to download GETTING DUMPED, but the active fiction titles don't work on mobile devices, which is the only kindle i have.....sigh.

i tried! i really did! i want to be part of the active fiction, hot garbage men movement! pick me! pick me!

Skye said...

What Matthew said! Would be hilarious (and I played and owned the first 3 of those games).

I've just tweeted (@Skye_Writes) and Facebooked (Skye Hughes). Going to your agent's site. Not sure I'll get it posted on my blog, but we'll see.


How very exciting for you!

Laura Riley said...

I've been Tweeting! @LauraRiley

Aussiebookchic said...

Ok, I've tweeted both you and Coliqiuy under Aussiebookchic, good luck to everybody. Great comp by the way.

Pamela said...

First time commenter here, but I left an entry on your agent's blog. :)

Diana Julianna said...

Well isn't this just EPIC?! O.O :D

I tweeted here:!/JustJuliHelms/status/159823022864343040

and I commented on Michelle's blog under juliannahelms! :D

Meghan Ward said...

Hey Tawna,

This looks fantastic! I LOVED Choose Your Own Adventure stories when I was a kid. I tweeted your contest from @meghancward and posted it on FB at

Kari Girarde said...

I've reviewed, Facebooked, Tweeted, commented, read and obsessed. I want the kindle so I give my old one to my dad. He'll appreciate the giant text (2 words per screen).

I've talked so much about Getting Dumped it's getting a little creepy, but it's that good.

Unknown said...

Yay! A giveaway! YAY (yes, an all-caps kinda yay)

Then I'll be able to read Getting Dumped!

I tweeted about it under @whatjenniesays.

Carrie Crain said...

I'd eat a chocolate covered pig's ear blindfolded RIGHT THIS MOMENT, if it meant I could read your new book by Coliloquy 'GETTING DUMPED' on a winning Kindle!! And, I'm allergic to blindfolds!

I also Tweeted here @CarrieCrain!/tawnafenske/status/159676934782070784

And, LIKED on Facebook, AND, Faved on Facebook, AND, left comment on Coliloquy’s website. Let me look into the photo and review thingie.

Jess Corra said...

Tweeted. :)!/jessicacorra/status/160934378959159297

Caitlin Whitaker said...

Tweeted (SayCaity), posted (you know me and I tagged you- so HA!), blogged (, commented on the alpha wolf's blog (the not-hot garbage man bit), and will break out my camera for some dirty (snicker) pix tomorrow.

While I'd happily commit a felony for a Kindle (Ima cutchoo, beeyotches!), I never win anything (except a lousy cheeseball mix at a Tastefully Simple party I got suckered into attending last weekend) so I expect nothing but a really fun reverse scavenger hunt with lots of commas and parenthesis (did I mention I'm on enough cold medication to dry up a horse's nasal passages?).

Congrats on your continued success!

Caitlin Whitaker said...

Spent the bulk of my Sunday taking filthy pictures and emailing one to you. Unfortunately, it's not really as fun as it sounds. My "Getting Dumped" contest entry picture is in your inbox (or spam folder-- heads up).

Sierra Godfrey said...

I already have a Kindle (a Fire that I got for Chrimby, and which I love so much that I have considered marrying it), so I am not entering your contest. HOWEVER I can't WAIT to purchase Getting Dumped and experience this new form of fiction!

Maja said...

Yeesh. I tweeted but in my excitement forgot about the comment posting part... whoops. here it is now. :D

Felicity said...

I posted on the fabulous Michelle's blog and I posted on facebook because that's all I currently do (I know, sad isn't it?). I would love, love a chance to win the Kindle and try out Coliloquy's fantastic new take on e-fiction.

Sue G said...

posting on facebook as Patchwork Betty

Deborah Small said...

I tweeted ( @debwriteromance ) and shared on Facebook. Time to check out Michelle's blog and let her know I need to win to speed my healing (laughter is the best medicine).

Deborah Small said...

I tweeted ( debwriteromance ) and shared on Facebook. Now to convince your agent how my winning the loaded Kindle will aid my healing (laughter is the best medicine).


Unknown said...

Just read the extract so had to tweet and write on facebook for a chance to win - can't wait til I can read it.