Monday, January 30, 2012

You want to do WHAT with that corndog?

On Saturday evening, my gentleman friend and I found a recipe for mini corndogs. We decided my two twenty-something male housemates would enjoy the meal as much as his kids would, so everyone was invited to take part.

This might have been a mistake.

Turning three grown men and one romance author loose in a kitchen full of corndogs is a recipe for terrible innuendo. Luckily, the kids were in a different part of the house when the following utterances had me doubled over in laughter: 

On failing to purchase the mini hot dogs suggested in the recipe:
It’s fine, the big ones will be juicier anyway.

On deciding whether to cut the hot dogs in half or in thirds:
Do you think this is too big to fit?

On testing the batter for consistency:
I don’t think that’s thick enough.

On determining the best way to position the corndog skewers:
Should I stick it in sideways, or straight in?

On checking the deep fryer’s temperature:
It’s hot enough, you can put it in now.

On lamenting the oil level in the deep fryer:
I wish I had just one more inch.

On finding the first corndog still cold in the middle:
You pulled it out too soon.

On waiting for the corndogs to cool:
Don’t put that in your mouth yet!

Admit it – you're never going to look at corndogs the same way again, are you?


Dr. Cheryl Carvajal said...

No. And I had mini corndogs all set to feed to my kids! Yikes!

Matthew MacNish said...

Never looked at them any other way in the first place!

Patty Blount said...

Little known fact: I have never had a corn dog.

Now I will have to try them.

Karen Victoria said...

Too funny... just laughed out loud! = )

Karen Victoria said...

Too funny... I just laughed out loud = )

Geoffrey Cubbage said...

Well, I could see most of those coming up (heh) in the bedroom easily enough, Never mind.

I was GOING to ask if anyone had ever actually tried to "stick it in sideways," but no need for us to get personal here.

Still. Ouch.