Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My mailbox made me smile

There are few things in life I love more than a sale, and most of them involve being naked.

The sale you guys created by voting for Making Waves in the Sourcebooks #ebookbracket challenge kicked off yesterday and goes through Monday, April 9. If you haven't read the book yet, or if you know someone with an e-reader who'd enjoy a thoughtful 99-cent gift, you can snag Making Waves for Kindle here or for the Nook here or for other formats like Kobo, iPhone, iPad, Sony eReader, and others here.

Thanks again for your votes, guys!

I'm going to make this short and sweet today and just share something that made me smile recently. I received a thank you note from my kid brother in the mail earlier this week. Here's how he addressed it:

I should point out the letter arrived without incident, which leads me to assume the postman thinks this is my real name.

Those of you who've read my second romantic comedy, Believe it or Not, might have caught the following line in the book's acknowledgments:
Thanks also to Aaron "Russ" Fenske, who may not recognize my name on the cover of this book, because to the best of my knowledge, he's never called me anything but 'Butthead.'

It's true, but it's also worth noting I've rarely called my brother by his real name, either. I'm dimly aware my parents named him "Aaron," but can't remember a time I called him anything besides "Russ" (the name of Clark Griswold's son in National Lampoon's Family Vacation).

So there you have it....a sale, some funny mail, and a family tale. I should totally give up this romantic comedy thing and become a poet.

What's making you smile this week? Please share!

There once was a man from Nantucket...


Unknown said...

Sunny mornings, dozing on the bus, riding in the woods, the smell of horses when you put your face against their neck and inhale over and over.

Claire Dawn said...

Kind of tempted to address random people by their nicknames and see if it works.

It probably would in Barbados. Sometimes you don't know people's real names until they day. Like my dad is Vernon, and all the ppl he grew up with think he's Charlie. lol.

Geoffrey Cubbage said...

I've been to Nantucket. The local talent? Seriously over-hyped, if you ask me. Why, I didn't meet a single girl who looked like she could...well...never mind.