Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jennifer Crusie (my idol) blogs at The Debutante Ball

OK, so it's no secret that I worship at the altar of Jennifer Crusie, right? And that I've read her books over and over so many times I can recite long passages? And that I adore her so much I sleep with a lock of her hair under my pillow?

Wait, maybe that last one was a secret.

Several weeks ago I mustered up the courage to contact Jennifer Crusie on behalf of The Debutante Ball. That's a group blog I'm part of (now in its fifth season) that chronicles the debut year of five new authors from different genres, and I was honored to be chosen for it several months ago.

Every Saturday, we host a different guest blogger. Since Jennifer Crusie is my idol, I decided to be bold and ask her to participate.

And get this – she said yes.

Not only did she say yes, but she emailed me back within minutes with a message began, "Hi, Tawna. Of course I know you."

OK, OK...I don't delude myself into believing she knows me as an up-and-coming romantic comedy author. I'm sure she just knows my name since I comment on her blog from time to time. Still, I might've swooned a little. And maybe peed myself.

I've been swooning all week with the knowledge that she's blogging TODAY (that's Saturday, October 23) at the Debutante Ball. I've already read her post two or three or twelve times, and it's fabulous. She's funny and smart and all those things that make her the author whose books I adore with a blinding passion.

And speaking of those books, she's giving away two of them. And they're signed! All you have to do is leave a comment. Go now. Here's a link. Go. What are you waiting for?


Colene Murphy said...

WoW!! Congrats! Thats amazing!

Sierra said...

Between Jenny and Lucy's blogs, I have fangirl moments at least once a month, like when Jenny comments back to me. You should have seen me when I won a contest at Toni's blog and got a handwritten card from her. The squealing hit epic proportions. :)

I'm so glad that you got her to do a guest post. It's fun to read, and you got to hear back from her. YAY!

Linda G. said...

LOVE Crusie books. And that's a great interview. :)

lora96 said...

How amazing! I would definitely pee if Jennifer Crusie knew who I was!

Dr. Goose said...

Daisy loved the interview.

Claire Dawn said...

Great interview. I guess we all have those people we'd totally flip over.

For me it;s Melissa Marr :)

Anonymous said...

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