Monday, February 14, 2011

Questions, answers, and one shriveled brain

I'm peering into my mental gas tank right now, and I've gotta confess, I'm running on fumes.

It's been a crazy week, capped off by 7 hours of round-trip driving and a speaking engagement at the monthly Rose City RWA meeting where I was honored to be part of a panel of authors who are much, much cooler than I am.
(left to right) Cathryn Cade, me!, Kristina McMorris, Delilah Marvelle and Jessa Slade

Those of you who read Friday's blog post will notice I took my speaking coach's advice and wore the glasses.

On Sunday, my local paper ran a wonderful feature story about me and my dual life as a romance author and marketing/PR chick. I tried unsuccessfully to scan it for posting, and also made several attempts to work around the newspaper's insistence you sell a kidney in order to view the article.

I briefly considered calling each of you at home and offering to read it aloud to you, but finally decided to just create a PDF from the online version and post it to Google Docs. You can see that right here. It might look a little fuzzy or small, but click the plus sign off to the right and it should be easier to read.

Though my brain is shriveled and useless at the moment, I'm hopeful it will improve shortly.

In the meantime, I'm feeling inspired by the author panel where audience members peppered all five of us with great questions. I'd like to offer the same opportunity to blog readers. Well, not the exact same opportunity – you're stuck with just me, instead of the other four authors (who, as I mentioned, are much cooler than me).

Is there anything you want to ask me? It can be writing-related or not, I don't care. I haven't decided yet if I'll do a single Q&A blog post or if I'll just use your questions to inspire a whole bunch of future posts. Why don't we see what we get?

And if anyone has a brain to loan me, could you set it on my front porch within the next 24 hours? That would be helpful.


Linda G. said...

You could make a video of yourself reading the article and post it on YouTube. ;)

I'd could send you my brain, but I suggest you hold out for a better offer.

Danica Avet said...

That was a great article, Tawna! Yay!

Um, I don't have any questions really, but how cool was it to sit on a panel?

Jeffe Kennedy said...

I don't know the others, but Jessa Slade is a friend and she's super-cool. You're in good company. You all look fab!

Unknown said...

Did you always know you wanted to write romance? Have you ever written, or wanted to write, a different genre? And do you think that romance now defines you as a writer?

Sorry, lots of questions there but I'd like to know :)

Unknown said...

I want you to call me and read the article! That would have made my day, I swear.

Okay, question. I suspect you're just as human as the rest of us (most of us) and therefore get assailed with doubt. When you've hit the bottom of the well of writing despair, how do you get back on your feet?

lahn said...

I'd love to hear your tips for finding critique partners. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the awesome article!

IMHO you are just as cool as the other authors on the panel. I know them all a bit better (longer!) than I know you but you certainly have the best blog.

You also put a lot more effort into being part of the panel than the others since they had, at most, a one hour drive to attend the meeting. Thanks for doing that!

And I hope you don't take up any offers for a new brain, with a little rest and wine, yours is more than fine.

Matthew MacNish said...

At least you never combined sorry and hand-job into a single phrase, as in sorry hand-job. That would make for an awkward scene. Or wait, maybe that would be interesting, I mean how bad would it have to be before you considered a hand-job sorry?

Anonymous said...

My question is how did you find an agent you could trust?

I finished writing my book last month, and everyone keeps telling me my next step is to find an agent, but I don't even know where to look! I googled it, but I don't know who's legit.

Anonymous said...
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