Thursday, February 3, 2011

Terror, excitement, and a mild case of amnesia

It’s been a weird week.

First, I totally spaced the one-year anniversary of this blog. Not that I planned to hold a parade, but I did intend to acknowledge the milestone in some small way.

Next, I failed to notice MAKING WAVES got listed on Amazon. You can’t pre-order yet, and there’s no cover, but it’s up there. And if not for a tip from Jason at My Northwest Experience, I’m not sure I would have spotted it at all.

I did figure out on my own that I’ve been listed among the authors on the Sourcebooks website, so I guess I’m not completely out of the loop.

Even so, I have the odd sense that things are starting to speed up after what seems like a very long, slow buildup. I’ve written sex scenes like that, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Still, it’s unnerving.

When my amazing agent first landed me this three book deal in late February 2010, I was thrilled with the knowledge I had over 17 months to promote, prepare, and prepuce (OK, that last one isn’t a verb. Don’t google it unless you want your retinas scarred. Here’s a picture-free definition if you need it).

Where was I before I got all distracted by foreskin?

Oh yeah. I’ve spent the last year starting from a place where almost no one knew my name, and working like hell to make sure at least a handful of people might know I have a book coming out in August. It’s been rewarding to watch blog hits climb and Twitter followers grow and to have my agent tell me she’s getting queries in which authors compare their writing to mine.

But I still have the sense it's just me sitting here in my jammies screwing around online. To recognize there are things starting to happen – things I’m not even doing on my own – well, it’s a little terrifying.

I’m excited, don’t get me wrong. But you know that feeling you get at the top of a roller coaster when you’re hoping you don’t hurl on the guy in front of you, and you’re wondering if you should have stuck with the pony ride instead? That’s kind of what it’s like.

Of course, if this week’s trend continues, I might just fail to notice my entire book release. Promise me you won’t let that happen, OK? And if I do end up hurling, will someone hold my hair back?


Trisha Leigh said...

I will hold your hair back, but I'm also a sympathetic puker, especially if you get any on me. Fair warning.

I think the strangest thing will be when people I don't know read my book. Up until a certain point, you know every person who has read your book...then, not. I bet that's just...strange.

Patty Blount said...

I'm not as good at braiding as Harley, but I'll make sure said puke stays far away from the hair.

Congrats and happy blog-iversary.

Kim Mullican said...

You know when you warn us not to google it...I always google it. What's wrong with me? XD

Deep breaths, wine for breakfast and you'll be just fine.

When a girl approached me in the gas station with my book in her hand, I nearly threw up on her. My autograph looked like I suffered from Parkinson's. It was the oddest feeling.

German Chocolate Betty said...


Where (as in "mindset") did you get that from?? Do we want to know, or is it better if we remain oblivious??

(Definitely not in the "top 100,000 most frequently used words in the English language". Just sayin'...)

Idiot Cook said...

Happy blogiversary! And go YOU! You're an inspiration for the rest of us jammie writers.

@kmullican - I love the idea of wine for breakfast. :)

Heather Hellmann said...

The point when you reach the top of a rollar coaster is terrifying, but as soon as you make the first drop, you remember why you wanted to ride the coaster in the first place. When the ride is over, you want to go again and again. Think about the thrill of the ride and how exciting it will be when your book is finally released to the public.

Congrats on the blogiversary!

Danica Avet said...

I'm more likely to hand you a wash cloth rather than hold your hair back, but I would get you a scrunchy!

It's exciting. My first book came out yesterday and it felt like it was too fast. I think we all see publication as this far off dream...even when we sign the contracts, it hasn't happened yet. Then when it approaches, you can't help but think "OMG OMG OMG". At least that's how it was for me! LOL

Anonymous said...

Other writers have already queried Michelle and compared their writing to yours!?

Well, dammit. There goes *that* idea.

Now I'll just have to compare myself to Kinsella and Evanovich. (They *do* write humorous romance, right? I'm pretty sure they do.)

Mark Simpson said...

I can take responsibility for hair-holding---Lots and lots of experience with that.

Dana Strotheide said...

I got your hair... entirely too much experience with that in college. :) As for remembering that your book has launched, well.. I can't remember what I'm doing tomorrow, so you'll need someone else to help with that. :)

Anonymous said...

Of course we all googled prepuce anyway, right? Not so unusual for me to see as I've now lived in the UK for so long I forgot American men don't have foreskin! Your book gonna be available in England, Tawna? :O)

The Novel Road said...

The next 6 months are going to be interesting to watch. (insert evil grin here)

You have a legion of fans making the walk toward release date with you. So fear not! And know we will be enjoying ever minute, every twitch and every mad dash to to the bathroom. :-) Bwah-Ha-Ha!

All the Best! Doug

Steph Schmidt said...

I'll happily get you some ginger ale but the hair holding, can't. Just hearing someone else revisiting their stomach's contents sends me on my own mad dash to the nearest trashcan or toilette.

But, as scary as it looks now, you've been hugely reassuring for others not there yet that it DOES happen. And not always the same path [insert other famous author] took to get published.

Jason said...

First off, thanks for the mention. I think. Since half of this seems to be about things I don't really want to talk about. :)

Just kidding - was glad it made your day. Maybe someday you can return the favor...if I ever get this thing written and someone with the authority to get things done decides to like it.

I'm sure it's a roller coaster, but it has to be a fun one, at least a little bit, right?

BarbN said...

prepuce??? ha. thanks for that. I love new words. and thanks for the picture free definition, too, since I'm sitting in the computer lab at a university at the moment. :-)

and congrats on the blog anniversary, too.

Anonymous said...

We'll walk along side you. Enjoy the journey! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on everything!

I wrote a book. I'm 18. I don't know what the hell I'm doing!

Abby Minard said...

We are definitely noticing you! Not in a freaky stalkerish kind of way...but you get idea...right?

Leona said...

I've gotten real good at holding hair back... I'll even hand you the cold wash cloth.

But I highly doubt your awesomesauce agent is going to let you forget the launch date...

It's been fun watching you and being a small part of it (I really like tweeting and getting your funny bone going!) Have a great day!

Christin Pike said...

Things may be creeping up on you, but there are plenty of us out here who are counting down the days until August 2nd. You need a widget to keep track of it for you!

Are you going to be touring for it?? I'd love to come see you!


Trisha, you're exactly right -- that IS the weirdest part. I was swapping a bunch of emails today with my agent, editor, and miscellaneous publicity and editorial folks at Sourcebooks. When they each started telling me their favorite lines, I couldn't believe it. I'm still amazed anyone's read it, much less that they'd have a favorite line!

Patty, I'm counting on you! :)

kmullican, that WOULD be a trip! Tell me you didn't really throw up on her?

German Chocolate Betty, well, I was looking for another "pre" word to keep the flow, and um...yeah.

RobynBradley, wear those jammies proudly!

Heather, I dunno, I'm not usually too eager to repeat the puking.

Danica, huge congrats on the release!!!

Simon, yup. Michelle told me about it a few weeks ago and it totally made my day.

Mark, excellent! I'm counting on you.

Dana, maybe if I tie a string around my finger...

Suz, good question. I've been told the eBook version will be easily downloadable overseas. Do you have a Kindle or another eReader?

Douglas, holy hadn't really dawned on me it's six months away. Or hell, a little LESS than that now. Yikes!

SM Schmidt, I will gladly take that ginger ale. Can you throw a little vodka in it?

Jason, I really do wonder when I would have noticed it if you hadn't told me!

AuntBean, you can always count on me for words and phrases you'll never be able to use in polite conversation.

lynnrush, do you mean "walk," or "stagger?"

HoldenLyric, I'll tell you a secret...NONE of us know what we're doing. We just pretend we do :)

Abby, I really would like to have a stalker or two.

Leona, awww...thanks! It really does feel like a team effort with all you guys from the blog.

DelusionsofGranduer, I'm not sure yet about touring. If they do have me do it, I suspect it'll be close to home (Oregon, Washington, maybe California). I should know within a few weeks.

Thanks for reading, guys!

Kim Mullican said...

Nope - I swallowed hard. No vomiting on someone who actually BOUGHT my book. That's not sexy!