Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm about to blow...and not in a fun way

Saturday afternoon, I was talking with my cousin and his wife about her recent bout with migraines.

"I got crippling migraines in middle school, but haven't had one for years," I boasted. "My mom's whole side of the family gets them chronically, but I must have grown out of it."

Raise your hand if you believe it's possible to jinx yourself.

Raise your other hand if you prefer to think the migraine that just hit me is more likely the result of book release stress and a screwy sleep schedule.

Now take both hands and help me cover my eyes, because bright lights are killing me, and my vision is totally shot. The fact that I can still find the humor in the prospect of my head exploding seems like a good sign, though the fact that it feels like someone's poking a hot fork in my right eyeball does not.

Knowing I might not be functional enough to write a blog post later tonight, I decided to resurrect a post from two years ago that tells the woeful tale of the time a migraine caused me to puke in my underwear.

Enjoy laughing at me, and if you happen to have any migraine tips or cures, please share!

originally posted Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How I hurked in my underwear

A couple weeks ago, I made a passing blog reference to the day I threw up in my underwear.

Ever the astute reader, my agent was on it immediately. “Is that true?” she tweeted. “Sounds like a story.”

It is indeed, one I’m pleased to share for no other reason than it’s a drizzly Wednesday and I feel like laughing and I’m generally the easiest target for my own mirth.

During my middle-school years, the confluence of wonky hormones in my system made me prone to crippling migraines that hit at the most inopportune times.

The most inopportune time of all was the last day of 8th grade. I was dressed up for the occasion in a stretchy lavender miniskirt and matching top with my bangs teased to terrifying heights.

I looked hot. Well, as hot as an awkward adolescent with braces and bad hair can look.

I made it halfway through the school day before disaster struck. My first clue a migraine was coming was the fact that my classmates were all missing their heads. I tried to pretend it wasn’t pre-migraine blurred vision, but was soon forced to accept the fact that decapitation wasn’t a class prank.

I hustled to the restroom thinking green linoleum and a quick pee might somehow prove to be the migraine cure my doctor hadn’t discovered.

There I sat with my knees tethered together by my underwear when the first wave of nausea hit.

It wasn’t unusual for a migraine to make me nauseous, but it was unusual for it to happen without warning – and to do so when I was seated upon the only appropriate vomit receptacle in the vicinity.

I hurled. Not just a little ladylike “urp,” either, but the product of a hearty school lunch.

And then I sat there in horror at what I had just done.

I had a few options available to me. Drowning myself in the toilet seemed most appealing, but the thought of my parents claiming my body in a school restroom was not the tender scene I’d envisioned.

Hitching up the puke-filled panties and pretending everything was normal was also not an option, or at least not one I wanted to consider.

Discarding the evidence seemed most logical, but then what? I was a 13-year-old self-conscious adolescent, so the thought of parading around the school in a thin miniskirt sans underwear didn’t hold the same appeal it would if I’d been a drunk pop singer.

But it had to be done. Thoroughly disgraced, I mopped up the mess, wrapped everything in toilet paper, and carried it to the trashcan by the door where I buried it deep beneath a mound of wet paper towels stained with Wet-N-Wild lip-gloss.

Then I trudged to the office to phone my mother for what would prove to be the first in a series of awkward calls she received during my school years. Though admitting I’d puked in my underwear was more mortifying than later admitting I’d lit my hand on fire, I was at least able to provide a more satisfying answer when asked if I’d done so intentionally.

Finally, I did the walk of shame out to the curb, careful not to sit down or stand in any direct sunlight.

And though I missed the ceremony, I feel confident I have a more interesting graduation story to tell than any of my classmates.

So that’s how it all happened. Aren’t you glad to share in my humiliation? If you feel like offering your own embarrassing story in the comments, please do so.

No sense in me being the only one to bare all, right?


Jessica Lemmon said...

Ohmigosh! Hahahaha! Also, sorry for your massive migraine. (Should that have been the other way around?)

BarbN said...

I have a scarily similar story for college graduation, except it involves puking in a bush. If it lasts much longer, you really should go to the doctor. Migraine meds are light-years better than they used to be. Maxalt is my best friend, and there are at least 3 or 4 others that are similar.

Laina said...

I have a story-by-association. My aunt gets major migraines. They give her the kind of meds where you're only allowed to get 8 pills of a time. They're SUPPOSED to knock you out. However, my aunt's a little weird and she has this story of that not working, so she sat there on the couch STONED out of her mind.

She has Christmas lights on her fence, which you can see from her living room. She says she remembers sitting on the couch watching the pretty lights... but she couln't remember if they were actually on.

My worst headaches tend to be sinus related, so Sudafed sometimes comes into play... and I'm not so great on Sudafed. It makes me loopy, to the amusement of everyone around me.

Lindsay said...

This story made me ROFL. I have a similar experience of cleaning dog poo off of my suede shoes in the 8th grade bathroom, so I sympathize. If anyone has the drug-free wonder cure for migraines, I want to know, as most of the prescription meds make the migraine a lot worse for me.

Allie Sanders said...

In middle school I wore an awesome pair of worn jeans to school. They were a little tight but they were brand name, faded denim with decoration on the button-flap butt pockets and I couldn't resist.

At lunch I was in the far back of the field with my friends chilling on the bench by the fence we'd claimed as ours. This was the type of area where the smoker kids and stoners would hang out (not that we that time).

Well, I jumped up to stand on the bench and RIIIP, there goes the seam of my jeans. It was torn from the middle of my butt all the way up to the zipper at the front. I was humiliated. I had to cross the ENTIRE field with my cotton panties flashing to everyone. Thankfully I had a pair of giant, ugly purple and black plaid pants for P.E. I could change into but since PJ pants were banned I had to spend the rest of the day explaining to every teacher who passed me why I was wearing them.

Unlike Spongebob I didn't think it was so funny when everyone laughed at me ripping my pants.