Friday, March 30, 2012

You get free books, I get a Turkish prison stay

Between all the voting for the Sourcebooks #ebookbracket competition and the voting we've had going for our little caption contest, I'm feeling a bit like a politician. Maybe I should do something inappropriate with a cigar.

Though you still have 'til 1 p.m. CST Friday to tweet your votes for Making Waves in the #ebookbracket challenge on Twitter, now's the time to announce the winner in our caption contest.

Drumroll please?

Congratulations to Jennie Shaw, who did such an impressive job campaigning for votes that I'm a little concerned for her health. Nice work, Jennie! Send your snail mail address to me at tawnafenske at yahoo dot com, and I'll hook you up with your prize pack that includes signed copies of Believe it or Not and Making Waves, as well as a whole buncha bookmarks.

I feel a little bad sending our second-place competitor away with nothing, and since Rhonda Hopkins got pretty darn close with her vote collection, I'd like to offer her the choice of a signed copy of Making Waves or a signed copy of Believe it or Not. Take yer pick, Rhonda, and email me with your snail mail address. I'll even throw in a few bookmarks for good measure (and if any of the other three competitors want bookmarks, shoot me your email as well!)

Thanks so much to all of you who voted, submitted entries, or just lurked around and snickered. That was fun!

On an unrelated note, I just learned Turkish rights have been sold for both Believe it or Not and Making Waves. I'm awaiting word on whether that comes with a free flight to Turkey and a complimentary day at a luxury Turkish bath, but I'd settle for a couple hours in a Turkish prison with three strapping young men and a bottle of good wine. 

Harika bir haber, teşekkür ederiz!

That either means "great news, thank you!" or "please hold my wombat while I admire the handcuffs." Whatever.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Unknown said...

Wohoo!! YAY!!!

Thanks, Tawna! And yes, today I shall have a nap. Campaigning is exhausting! :) Hope that Making Waves wins the #ebookbracket competition!

Unknown said...

And congrats on the delightful Turkish deal! Very exciting. (Sorry I didn't say that earlier but I was distracted by my extreme level of winning-excitement).

Rhonda Hopkins said...

OMG! That is so sweet of you, Tawna! And totally awesome! Thank you!!! Congrats on the Turkish deal & good luck with the #ebookbracket challenge. Thank you to everyone who voted for me. :-)

Rhonda Hopkins said...

I was so excited to get a 2nd place prize, I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS, JENNIE!

Judy, Judy, Judy said...

lol Tawna and congrats to the winners.

Noelle Pierce said...

Congrats, guys! I'll get ya next time. ;)