Monday, November 21, 2011

My dog has two daddies

I'm fighting a cold right now, which means what little energy I have is being channeled into the final round of copy edits before Believe it or Not goes to print.

In case you're wondering, I've now read the manuscript 74,389 times.

Since many of you show up here expecting a laugh, I feel like I should at least share something that made me giggle recently.

I've told you before how my two 27-year-old housemates have plotted to use my dog as a chick magnet. Late last week, the two boys took my dog out for a hike in the snow. They returned home soggy and exhausted, but gushing excitedly about the newspaper photographer who snapped their picture.

"We're going to be famous," one of them deadpanned. "You'll be asking for our autograph on Saturday."

"Chicks love famous guys," the other agreed.

"Don't worry," the first housemate assured me. "We made sure to give the photographer the correct spelling of the dog's name."

Saturday morning, I heard them both up rustling around much earlier than usual. I came downstairs to find them frowning at the front page of the Local News section.

In case you can't read that, here's what it says:

A stroll through fresh snow
Bend residents [Tawna's housemate], 27, left, and [Tawna's housemate], 27, along with their dog Bindi, return to their car after a hike to Tumalo Falls west of Bend on Friday afternoon. Snow was about a half a foot deep along the trail. Look for the Well, shoot! field trip to Tumalo Falls on Page C1 in Tuesday's edition of The Bulletin.

The housemates watched me as I read it. "What do you think?"

"You mean besides the fact that it makes you sound like life partners?"

They both scowled. My gentleman friend picked up the paper and studied it. "What a nice young gay couple out for a walk with their dog," he said.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that," I added. "So much for using the dog as a chick magnet."

So that was the highlight of my weekend (albeit, perhaps not theirs). How about you?


Sarah W said...

Scored a gallon or two of pumpkin ice cream and one of cinnamon from the local dairy, a copy of Encyclopedia Brown from the used bookstore, and figured out the final plot twist of my WIP.

Life . . . is good.

Alexa O said...

The highlight of my weekend was the arrival of my new Kindle. :)

Tell your housemates that lots and LOTS of women are attracted to gay men. Especially really nice gay men who walk their dog in the snow.

Patricia Eimer said...

Found out I am definitely moving. Not nearly as fun or funny as the life partners thing. Tell them the dog!chickmagnet thing only works if they use the dog solo. Not as a team.

Summer Frey said...

Well, Bindi looks happy about it, at least...

Sad as it is, I'd say my highlight of last week was going to bed at 8:20 and sleeping for 12 hours.

Laina said...

I made pancakes... and wrote part of a synopsis. Figured out this !! looks like a bunny. And this _*lol*_ is a drowning cheerleader.

Um. It was a long week?

Luanna Stewart said...

ROFL I want to say "serves them right" but I have two boys of my own, and so have a soft spot for young men. No, not that way.

I helped hubby and son2 put together a utility trailer kit, so now we can take the leaves to the dump. That'll be the highlight of my weekend very soon.

Laura Maylene said...

How could they NOT realize from the start that this would make them look like partners?

I think I might also be a little jealous that it makes it sound like those dudes are the owners of MY dog. :)

Stephsco said...

That's funny. Those poor guys. What they need is to borrow someone's baby for the afternoon. Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

they could always *let* a woman convince them switch teams