Friday, December 31, 2010

Holy crap! You mean it's almost 2011?

OK, I know I can be a little slow sometimes. But did any of the rest of you realize 2011 is almost here?

I wrote the date on a form at work yesterday and then just sat there staring at it like a moron. Seriously? 2011 is just a few hours away?

When my agent told me MAKING WAVES would hit shelves August 2011, my brain registered the date as some distant era in which we'd all be flying around in spaceships and enjoying good healthcare. It seemed like a far away fantasy, as did my book release.

But holy crap, we're now just eight months out. I can't decide whether to be thrilled or terrified.

For now, I wish you all the very best 2011 possible. May all your dreams come true.

Wow, that was a cliché. Speaking of which, we're talking about "favorite quotes" at The Debutante Ball this week. If you stop by, you'll get to learn why I had to take my pants off to discover mine.

Also, I wanted to leave you with one final laugh for 2010. I don't watch daytime TV, but the clips of Ellen Degenres with the Shake Weight have been flying around the internet all year and making me laugh like someone's holding me down and tickling me. In case you've missed them (or if you just want a recap) here you go:

If the side of the video is getting cut off, just click the title to go watch it full-screen on YouTube
UPDATE: Thanks so much to Janet Reid, who kindly clued me in on how to make the video fit the screen!


Janet Reid said...

you can adjust the size of youtube picture if you click on the "edit html" button and adjust the width number.

I have to do that too cause it cuts off the right 1/3 of the picture in my blog template.

The Novel Road said...

YouTube also offers a video size choice below the HTML imbed. Pick the 425 x 344 sized frame.

Happy 2011!!!


Linda G. said...

I was so disappointed Santa didn't bring me a Shake Weight. :(

#1Nana said...

Happy New Year Tawna. It will be an exciting year ahead.

Meg said...

LOL - Thanks for posting the recap of Ellen. :D Happy New Year!

Jemi Fraser said...

Love Ellen :)

Enjoy a wonderful 2011!! :)

Clever Betty said...

It might be really good exercise for me because I would be laughing the whole time I was trying to do it and laughter is good for your heart.

Unknown said...

Shake weight! I do have to ask, have you seen the commercial for the men's shake weight? Holy cow, the grunting and gleaming muscles make it a commercial worth watching. (Here's the link, just in case you have a couple of minutes to spare:


Love reading your blog and hearing your resolutions to do your part for "the green."
I'm not very good at being green.
But now that I've seen what you do I may try something. Ummm. It might be too much effort. I may just stick to writing!
Hope you'll visit my blog at
writing: the ups and downs

Plus I look forward to getting your books.

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see what new personal stories you're going to indulge in 2011 :D

You'll also have to let us know when that book of yours is coming out in August. I have a new calender to circle!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just a friendly fyi down here where it's not as likely to be seen, & you can immediately delete it :) ... your bio is missing a word.
"I'm either satisfying my lust for world travel or tending to a menagerie [OF] ill-behaved household pets."
1st time reader