Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...well, sorta

Blog traffic is slow this week, as many readers have better things to do on vacation than check for new posts on rubbing your wood and silly typos.

Hey, I can roll with it.

Today seems like a good day to take part in something I've seen on other blogs called "Wordless Wednesday."

Crap, I've already screwed it up, haven't I?

No matter. The basic idea is that the blog post contains only photos. I can't possibly have photos without captions, but I'll try to keep it simple.

Here are a few things that have made me smile this holiday season:
Doesn't my mom have nice buns?
As Blue Cat and Bindi can attest, cold weather produces strange bedmates.
The best holiday card I received this year.
Somewhere in the holiday hustle and bustle, I forgot to fill the cats' food dish. Matt the Cat took matters into his own paws by helping himself to split peas.
My parents foolishly thought their holiday sign was supposed to spell "home."
My brother's girlfriend made sure their dog was ready for Christmas with shiny red toenail polish.

So what's been making you smile this holiday season? Please share!


Unknown said...

Ah, neglected pets... My cat ate my saffron buns when I was a few hours late after christmas celebrations. I think peas would have been better for her :)

Kristi said...

Love the holiday photos...the card CRACKED me up and those toenails are awesome!

Teri Anne Stanley said...

I'm going with Postless Wednesday, myself. Imagine not only your own words, but your own pictures.

Andrea Coulter said...

LOL love the dog nail polish :)

Spending time with friends has been making me smile. Also, cookies! (banana spice are my current fav)

lora96 said...

Heeheeehee the dinner rolls made me giggle.

My holiday hilarity was based on the Reese's Cups plastic candy cane I put in dh's stocking. Its topper was a red plastic santa whose bulging red santa bag happened to be positioned to make it look like he was modelling for Baby Got Back the Movie.

Santa's whoppin booty has inspired many a giggle this season and I have seated him proudly on dh's now complete Lego Architecture Fallingwater structure so his big red plastic butt hangs over the trees majestically.

Danica Avet said...

I loved the pictures!

My pets have been making me smile this holiday season. The cat who wants to lick all the faucets in the house. The dog who has decided that groaning any time she's laying down is a perfect form of communication. Yeah, they've been entertaining me all December.

Unknown said...

Oh, lord. That poor dog. And your mom makes very cute booty buns! Round, firm...perfect with butter and maybe a drizzle of honey. Yes, my mind drifted off to naughty, naughty places. Which always makes me smile!


grace said...

In the spirit of "why do my pets put up with me?"--one of my favorite moments of the season was when I attempted to put a kitty-sized Santa hat on my kitty. Suffice to say, it did not work, and she almost killed me. I decided to put the hat on the tree instead.

Sarah W said...

A friend of mine took a photo of my three-year old sheep having a argument, in sheep language, with a large stuffed ewe in the middle of the silent prayer during the Children's Christmas service.

My daughter is raising a finger (no, not that one) to emphasize a point and has a very stern expression on her face.

Steph Schmidt said...

That card is fantastic!

Eating leftover Christmas cookies for breakfast has been helping me keep a very big smile going, at least in the mornings.

Brandi Guthrie said...

My dog won't let me anywhere near her toenails with the fingernail polish. She will literally do aerial flips to get away.

CKHB said...

This has been a Star Wars Xmas for us: we discovered a movie marathon of all six movies, we found the Family parody episodes, AND... we found my husband's old lightsaber in his parents' yard.

The Serious Girl has an excellent natural fencing stance, it turns out, plus I've taught her to say, "I am a Jedi, like my father before me."

This is all so awesome, I lack the ability to fully express our joy.

Lindsay said...

The cards were purchased with you in mind, Ms. Fenske.

Unknown said...

Our new rescue cat is quite the character. He's two and almost twenty lbs. Watching him assert himself and take control of the three dogs is funny.

Ricky Bush said...

Speaking of pets. I'm dog sitting my daughter's golden retriever and he shocked my son, who opened the front door as the dog barreled down on him with the neighbor's chicken screaming in his mouth.
Son and wife chased the dog as he proudly pranced around the yard with his new play toy. The wife finally rescued the squawking chicken and drop him back over neighbor's fence and he upset the whole chicken coop flapping about the big beast next door.

Anonymous said...

It's a bad time of year for blog readership, but cheer up -- in a few days we all get to do our awful "New Years Resolution" and "Best of the Decade" posts!

Also, your life is filled with adorable animals.


Malin, saffron buns? That sounds delicious!

Kristi, I can't believe she got the dog to sit still not only for the painting, but for the dry time. Mine would never go for it.

Teri Anne, I can see it in my mind, and it's beautiful.

Lynn, mmm...banana spice cookies do sound good!

lora96, please tell me you have pics of this somewhere?

Danica, ah yes, the groaning upon lying down. It's not just the dog who does that around here :)

Mary, I'm not even sure my mom did it on purpose, but she thought it was as funny as I did.

Grace, dogs might grudgingly tolerate hats and costumes, but cats? Be prepared for shredding.

Sarah, ha! Those sound like delightful pics.

SM Schmidt, isn't that card great? I've been wondering where she got it.

Brandi, my dog would be the same. She's got black nails, so it probably wouldn't work anyway.

CKHB, make sure you get plenty of video!

Lindsay, I'm honored. I want to know where you got those.

Jeannie, that is a big boy! Now I'm thinking of yesterday's post about 20lb cats not being silent humpers.

Ricky, oh dear. Did the chicken make it?

Geoffrey, I'm making a list of blog lessons learned, and this is definitely one. Few people reading during this period, so I should probably just give myself a vacation. Then again, you're here. Party!

Thanks for reading, guys!