Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The appliance that gives me pleasure

I’m not ashamed to admit I have a favorite household appliance.

I am ashamed to admit it’s not what you think it is (but only because I’m easily annoyed by the constant need to replace batteries).

My favorite appliance is one I received as a gift from a co-worker more than a decade ago. I was whining in the break room about how inferior microwave popcorn is to the air popped variety. Before I knew it, she was handing me a gift-wrapped box with a red bow on it and a shiny new air popper inside.

Let that be a lesson to us all – whining will get you what you want.

I use my air popper constantly, and it never fails to bring me pleasure. My passion for air popped popcorn is only slightly exceeded by my passion for…well, passion. I love the stuff. I can eat it by bucket-load with a spritz of butter and a sprinkle of sea salt. I lick the bowl when I’m done so I don’t miss even one crunchy little kernel.

It’s true my lust for my air popper can be all-consuming, but it’s nothing compared to my housemate’s affection for his deep fryer. Technically, he has three of them. Each has a different function, and I’m pretty sure he’s named them all.

It doesn’t matter what other household occupants are cooking for any given meal – my housemate’s response is always the same.

We should fry that.

“Anyone want quiche?” I offered Saturday evening.

“We should fry that.”

“Do you even know what quiche is?”

“Isn’t it something with eggs?” he asked. “Eggs are good fried.”

But the quiche frying had to wait, because he was in the middle of deep frying the baby green tomatoes a friend just brought from her garden.

I’ve also watched him attempt to deep fry bananas, candy bars, and a biscuit for my dog.

I’m pretty sure this passion for appliances isn’t a limited thing. Our other housemate seems unnaturally fond of his coffee grinder, and if my gentleman friend were forced to choose between saving me or his milkshake blender in a house fire, my only hope would be to douse myself in vanilla ice cream and peanut butter while hoping for the best.

Come to think of it, that sounds fun.

Do you have any household appliance you favor over all the others? Any long-term love affairs with devices that run on batteries or electrical power? Please share!

Er, unless it’s one of those devices. Some kinds of sharing isn’t so hygienic.  


Taymalin said...

I love the microwave. I learned to use it when I was 3 or 4, and I've been in love ever since. I can make anything in a microwave, even things that aren't supposed to be cooked in a microwave. And unlike the stove, it's never caught on fire while I cooked.

Joyce Tremel said...

Wow. This is a tough one--I love all my appliances! But my very favorite is my Cuisinart Grind & Brew coffee maker. I seriously couldn't live without it. Next in line is my Crockpot.

Sarah W said...

Never, ever mention to your roommate that there is such a thing as liquid nitrogen. I'm just sayin'

Mine is the toaster oven. It toasts, it melts stuff on toast, it bakes potatoes, it melts stuff on baked potatoes, it grills brats and hotdogs, it melts stuff on brats and hotdogs . . . the list is endless.

Anonymous said...

Appliances, eh? I love my dryer. Not a lot of households have dryers in this country. I don't know how they can live without one. Guess they like scratching their faces off after a shower, with crunchy line-dried towels. Not me! I prefer fluffy 100% cotton towels that have been hotly tumbled in the dryer.

Patty Blount said...

I don't drink coffee so the grinder - meh.

For me, it's my stand mixer. O joy! To not have to hold the mixer while it blends ingredients. 'Tis a wonder, I tell you.

GAH! It's November 1st. I have to start planning holiday cookie batches.

Unknown said...

I love love love my standup mixer. i got it for christmas about five years ago, and instantly became the cake boss. my poor coworkers had a new cake to eat every day (a fact made worse by the fact that i hate baked goods of any kind)...but just imagine all the cakes, cookies, breads, pretzels, bagels, and yes, donuts I was churning out. i couldve started my own bakery. it was great!

E said...

I second the stand-up mixer especially since I discovered I could shred chicken in it! No longer do I have to stand with two forks tearing at my chicken breasts. Now I just drop it in the kitchen aid with the paddle attachment and go.

But I am craving a deep fryer like whoa...

Michelle Wolfson said...

Is this post in Greek?? Stand mixers?? I have no idea what any of you are talking about.

Skye said...

My electric kettle. No more burning a regular kettle. (I melted the seams in a copper kettle many years ago.) Even the little plastic electric kettles do not measure up to my large, stainless steel kettle. Plus, it's the kind where the electricity goes to the stand. When you pour, you aren't dragging a cord with you. Lots of tea. Lots and lots of tea and cocoa and instant oatmeal ....

Loralie Hall said...

My bread maker, definitely. There's a certain amount of smug that goes with saying "Yeah, we only eat fresh bread in our house" and knowing it's because it only takes me 5 minutes to toss all the ingredients in the pan and click 'start', and that's a lot easier than going to the grocery store.

Anne Gallagher said...

I love all my appliances equally. However, the one I couldn't do without is my toaster oven. Love love love that little thing.

Diane Henders said...

Anything that pops popcorn is my favourite appliance. I have an air popper, a crank-style popper, a microwave popper, and a popper that I use over the open fire when I'm camping. And if all else fails, I've got a big pot... :-)

LynnRush said...

Popcorn!!!! Love me some popcorn. I like making it over the stove, though .LOL With oil and butter. :)

Bethany Elizabeth said...

Water boiler, definitely my water boiler. I'm a tea fiend, and I use that water boiler at least five times a day.

Susan Adrian said...


Silly question. :))

Lindsay said...

We got a NuWave as a wedding gift. YOU CAN ROAST A WHOLE CHICKEN IN IT. http://www.nuwaveoven.com/

Julie Glover said...

After reading posts about your housemate's penchant for frying, I must get a fry baby (or better yet, fry daddy) in the immediate future. Everything is better fried.

That said, my fave appliance for the moment is my AeroLatte. I love hot chocolate in the winter, and that baby froths up the milk with beautiful bubbles. It does run on batteries, but I don't use it often enough to make me crazy about changing them.

Stephsco said...

I actually spent close to $400 on a blender last year - but it's not just a blender, it's the Blendtec Total Blender that can make liquid out of an iphone (look it up on google). I got it to make smoothies and particularly green smoothies (with some fresh veg in it - far sweeter than you'd imagine when it's all pureed) and it really does work better than my old Kmart cheapie. Because I spent so much on it I make sure to use it regularly. It sort of doubles as a food processor, but not to the extent the sales people will make you believe.

Jason said...

I'm split. It's either the Cuisinart ice cream maker or the food processor - both have their unique aspects of awesome. Probably the food processor though...if it were easier and faster to clean I'd probably use it every meal.

Mary Kate Leahy said...

Crockpot. Because mine has three different sized removable bowls, and a warming function, so you can make three different dishes of different quantities, heat them all up, and rotate to keep them all toasty warm. If you felt the need to do that :)

Amanda Jeanette said...

I wouldn't say I "love" my microwave. It's more like we're drunk frat buddies. It understands that sometimes, it needs to be woken up to eat a precooked burrito with me at three in the morning, and it's always up for it. So me and the microwave? We homies.

Kait Nolan said...

Hahaha! I actually prefer stove popped popcorn. Just straight up oil and salt Good stuff.


Taymalin, do you need me to give you a moment alone with that microwave?

Joyce, I share your crockpot love, though mostly just during cold months.

Sarah W, this is wise advice! *googles ‘liquid nitrogen’*

Suzanne, I love to air dry everything EXCEPT towels!

Patty, I hate coffee, too, but sure do know a lot of coffee addicts.

Karla, I can’t honestly say I’ve ever used a standup mixer, though I do deeply adore the food processor I got at a yard sale.

Elissa, I can’t picture chicken shredding in a standup mixer, but maybe that’s just because I’ve never used one.

Michelle, I think I know what a standup mixer is, but I don’t honestly think I’d use one. I’m not much for baking.

Skye, oooh, I have something kinda like that. I’m a tea junkie, too!

Loralie, I’ve been wondering if I’d use a breadmaker if I had one. Might have to scout around at yard sales.

Anne, I have a double-oven, but the top one is small and sorta like a toaster oven. I couldn’t live without it!

Diane, mmmm….popcorn!

LynnRush, you, Diane, and I should form a popcorn fan club.

Bethany, on the days I work from home, my water boiler is pretty much in constant use.

Susan, my gentleman friend would be hard pressed to pick between his coffee maker and his milkshake machine.

Lindsay, I covet your NuWave. I want one of those!

Julie, I think I have to google AeroLatte. Not sure I know what that is!

Stephsco, funny how you sometimes appreciate things more if they cost a lot. I have a pair of boots like that!

Jason, oooh, I do love my homemade ice cream maker. Yum!

Mary Kate, I have the multi-chambered crockpot, too! I love that thing!

Amanda, LOL, that’s the perfect description!

Kait, I do occasionally like stove popped popcorn, but sometimes it just seems too oily.

Thanks for reading, guys!